Kyle Smyth
Kyle Smyth first attended the camps in 2001 and returned for many years thereafter as a camper, Mentor-In-Training, Mentor and Director. The camps introduced him to lifelong friends, as well as developed and harnessed his passion for computing. He holds a BASc in Software Systems Engineering from the University of Regina and spends his time travelling the world and developing indie games.

Taylor Petrychyn
Taylor Petrychyn is studying Software Systems Engineering at the University of Regina. Taylor has worked as a System Administrator at Zone Gaming and he currently works IT Support at the University of Regina. He has been with the camps for 9 years and this is his 5th year mentoring.

Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen is a Software Systems Development student at the University of Regina. Kim specializes in web development and video editing at the camps. He has been with the camps since 2006 and has served as a mentor-in-training/mentor since 2010.

Jason Wist
Jason Wist is a recent software engineering graduate from the university of Regina. Jason specializes in embedded systems, security and web development. He is currently working on a project utilizing web2py and jQuery.

Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt is a Software Systems Engineering student at the University of Regina. He has been with the camps for 9 years, 6 of which he has been mentoring. Paul specializes in Unreal 3D game development. He is currently working as an IT Consultant for the City of Calgary

Shambhavi Kalra
Sham is a Campbell Collegiate graduate, currently studying Science at University of Regina. Sham has been with the camps for 3 years. She is the resident photography expert and has taken photos for the camps the past few years.

Nelson Hackewich
Nelson Hackewich is a graduate of the New Media Communications program at SIAST. He currently works for the Capital Auto Mall in the internet marketing department. He has been involved with the camps for 9 years. The camps have encouraged Nelson to pursue web and graphic design as his career choice.

Cole Novak
Cole is a graduate of Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School and is currently pursuing a computer science degree at the University of Regina. Cole attended the camp for three years before becoming a mentor.

Landon Rohatensky
Landon is a Computer Science major at the University of Regina. He specializes in graphic design, video game development and web development. Landon is now working as a software developer at iQmetrix.

Nathan Magnus
Nathan first attended the MSI Computer Camps in 2002. After several years as a camper, he became a mentor and has also been the Camp Director and Camp Coordinator. Nathan completed his BSc in Software Systems Development in 2012 and is now working as a Software Developer at iQmetrix.

David Crossman
David Crossman graduated in 2015 as a Software Systems Engineer from the University of Regina. He currently works as a Software Developer for iQmetrix. He specializes in Unreal 4 game development.

Brett Mayson
Brett joined the camp in 2009 and became a mentor in 2014. During High School he competed in Website Development with Skills Canada earning multiple provincial level gold medals and competed at nationals. He graduated from High School with honours and multiple computer science scholarships. He runs multiple websites and manages a gaming community and plans on one day being Lucas Kuffner’s CTO so he can get a big paycheck and play with Rift all day. He is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Regina.

Lucas Kuffner
Lucas joined the camp in 2010, and became a mentor in 2014. Lucas is currently taking a gap year after graduating with honours and a service award from Sheldon-Williams Collegiate. Lucas plans on attending the Business program at the University of Regina in 2017. Lucas runs multiple websites, and plans on starting his own company based around this.

Connor Brezinsky
Connor joined camp in 2013, and became mentor in 2015. He is currently in grade 11 at Michael A. Riffel Highschool. He is a freelance web developer in his spare time, and has a few big projects in the works.

Ryan Aird
Ryan joined camp in 2013, and became a mentor in 2015. He currently attends Campbell Collegiate and is in grade twelve.