What’s the overview of this years camps?
When are the 2017 camps?
This year we have two, 5-day computer camps for you and your friends. Each camper gets an individual PC workstation so each camp is currently limited to twenty-four participants. Week One starts Monday, July 3 and finishes Friday, July 7, 2017. Week Two starts Monday, July 10 and finishes Friday, July 14, 2017.
Where do the camps take place?
The camp program takes place at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Some of the camp activities such as bowling, swimming, Matrix Gaming and a barbeque take place at other Regina locations but most of the day is in the computer lab.
Who should attend the camp?
The camp is designed for people who: Are age 12 to 17 (inclusive as of camp start dates)Have a yearn to learn and the ability to think logically. Are a positive self-starter with a sense of humor. Thrive on challenge and group interaction. Have a technology interest that includes more than just playing video game
What’s the camp program?
Each day between 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. you’ll work on your projects as an individual and in small teams. Naturally there are biobreaks and activity breaks. Evenings include group technical, social and recreational activities. And Friday demonstrations finish about 4:00 p.m. Your camp fee covers all activites. Late morning or early afternoon activities (depending on the weather) include swimming and team games. Monday evenings offer three rounds of intense Laser Quest action. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are for individual and team project work as well as for special guest presentations to small groups. Wednesday evenings are for competitive computer games. Friday afternoon is highlighted by a closing ceremony wherein you get to show your week’s accomplishments to family and friends. The camp programs are designed for fun. In addition, the camps provide lasting benefits by enhancing your technical, creative, and communication skill sets. You return home better able to assist the advanced technological challenges and opportunities faced by your family, schools and community groups
What’s the camp schedule?
How does each camp begin?
Camp opens each week on Monday at 8:30 a.m. at the University of Regina. After a brief introduction to staff, camp rules, and procedures, everybody dives right into action! During the first Monday session, mentors evaluate each camper’s abilities and goals to ensure learning at an appropriate level.
What’s the typical daily schedule for Tuesdays through Thursdays?
Time Activity
8:30 am Daily Briefing
8:45 am Session One
10:00 am First Biobreak
10:15 am Session Two
12:00 noon Lunch Break
12:30 pm Free Time
1:15 pm Session Three
3:00 pm Second Biobreak
3:15 pm Session Four
5:00 pm Supper Break / free time
7:00 pm Evening Activities
8:45 pm Home Time
What are the weeks features?
The daily program begins when the computer lab opens at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Each Monday features a pizza party and three sessions of laser quest. Campers get picked up from laser quest about 7:45 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday the formal program ends at 5:00 p.m. Most campers choose to participate in the optional evening activities held from 5:00 p.m. through to 8:45 p.m. The optional activities include opportunities for project work, multi-player computer games, and special interest topics. On Fridays campers spend the morning hours finishing their projects. After lunch, mentors review the week’s goals and accomplishments with each camper, praising areas of excellence and noting skills that need improvement. At 3:00 p.m. each Friday, we close the session and have a special Awards Ceremony where each camper’s achievements are highlighted for families, teachers, and other invited guests.
What about meals?
What are Biobreaks?
For the daily morning and afternoon biobreaks, campers are provided with a choice of free refreshments, ranging from bottled water to fruit juices and now and then soda pop. Although food and drink are not allowed in the computer room, water bottles are encouraged. Often, treats are awarded for great answers or creative solutions to challenges.
What meals are provided as part of the camp program?
Campers are provided with the following meals: Monday: Pizza Party at lunch for all campers. Tuesday: “2-peat Lunch” with industry guests for campers back for their second or higher camp year. Thursday: “3-peat Supper” for campers back for their third or higher camp year. Friday: BBQ Lunch for all campers
What about other meals?
Campers are responsible for their own meals for other times. Campers may bring food (store in fridge / heat in microwave) or Campers may buy meals at nearby campus fast food establishments and other nearby restaurants.
What are the camp fees?

The camp fees are:

Rate Deadlines for 2017 One Week for one camper
Regular March 24 – June 20 CA$350.00
Last Minute After June 20 CA$400.00

Fees include T-shirts, all camp activities, and biobreak refreshments. No discounts are offered for 2-week campers or campers from the same family. A CA$100 administration fee will apply for any cancellation of camp participation after one month prior to the first camp.

Paying by Credit Card
Simply navigate to the registration page by clicking ‘Register’ and choose which week you would like to sign up for. You will then need to fill out your billing information and camper information. Online registration is secured using SSL encryption and all payments are processed using Stripe.
If paying by cash or cheque
Contact Adam Knutson at 306.535.0237 or email us at computercamps@gmail.com as soon as possible to arrange alternative payment.
How do I get to the camps and where can I stay?
How do I get to my computer camp?
If you are arriving from out-of-town by plane or bus, we will meet and greet you at the airport or bus depot, both of which are within 15 minutes of the camps. This is a free camp service. Just let us know of your requirements.Take a bike to the the University of Regina. Lock your bike to any bike stand. Take a City of Regina route 3 bus or take a City of Regina route 4 bus to the Classroom Building, at the University of Regina. Drive to the University of Regina, and park at a meter.
Where can I stay while at camp?
Those from outside Regina may billet for free with Regina campers. Billet spaces depend upon offers of space by families of Regina campers. Regina applicants are encouraged to billet out-of-towners. An offer to billet covers a place to sleep, simple breakfasts, and rides to and from camps. Please let us know if you need to billet or can offer a billet space. FYI, billets usually give their hostess a thank you gift. If you would like, you can get a private room and meals for approximately $40/night+taxes at Luther College located on the University of Regina campus. Campers staying at Luther College are about a three minute walk from the camps (counting one minute outside). All applications for Luther College must be initiated by MSI. Contact us if you plan on staying at Luther College.
Who operates the computer camps?
Who are the staff members for the camp?
The camp instructors are technical and subject matter experts from a wide range of our community including volunteers from industry, the University of Regina, and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.Community members share insight, knowledge, and support. In addition, mentors (generally senior campers from previous years) assist with camp activities.
What is Mentor Systems Inc. (MSI)
Mentor Systems Inc. is a member-based organization registered as a non-profit corporation in Saskatchewan, Canada. MSI was formed by volunteer camp-staff who were counsellors and mentors at the various annual computer camps.MSI has the mandate of providing technological opportunities for youth. The program of camps and workshops fulfills this mandate by providing youth with hands-on experience with sophisticated systems, collaboration in solving challenging problems, and improved computer skills.
Who are the camp sponsors?
MSI’s program at various times has been sponsored by the University of Regina and ISM Canada.The camp program appreciates the continuing assistance of its sponsors, supporters, and volunteers including the following: Mentor Systems Inc. Metric Hosting Ltd. University of Regina (U of R) University of Regina Department of Fine Arts University of Regina Department of Computer Science Innovation Place As a registered non-profit corporation providing technical opportunities for youth, MSI’s program welcomes donations and sponsored bursaries. Contact us at computercamps@gmail.com
Who can I contact from the Computer Camps?
What is the email address?
Who can I call?
Adam Knutson at 306.535.0237 (please leave a message if Adam is busy)